Class API

This page will be covering the class level API. It is all the function that you can access through your model class like in the example below;

>>> MyModel.river.my_state_field.<function>(*args)


This is the function that helps you to fetch all model objects waitig for a users approval.

>>> my_model_objects = MyModel.river.my_state_field.get_on_approval_objects(as_user=team_leader)
  Type Default Optional Format Description
as_user input NaN False Django User
A user to find all the model objects
waiting for a user’s approvals
  Output     List<MyModel>
List of available my model objects


This is a property that is the initial state in the workflow

>>> State.objects.get(label="open") = MyModel.river.my_state_field.initial_state
Type Format Description
Output State The initial state in the workflow


This is a property that is the list of final state in the workflow

>>> State.objects.filter(Q(label="closed") | Q(label="cancelled")) = MyModel.river.my_state_field.final_states
Type Format Description
Output List<State> List of the final states in the workflow