Transition Approval Meta AdministrationΒΆ

Field Default Optional Format Description
workflow   False
Your model class along with the field
that you want to use this transition
approval meta for. django-river
will list all the possible model and
fields you can pick on the admin page
transition_meta   False TransitionMete
Transition information that contains
source and destination states
permissions Empty List True List<Permission>
List of permissions which will be
authorized to approve this
groups Empty List True List<UserGroup>
List of use groups which will be
authorized to approve this
priority 0 False Number
The priority of the transition
approval. Since there can be more
than one transition approval to
make that transition which means
that some users should approve
before some other users can approve
the same transition. The closer to
zero, the more priort the transition
approval is.
action_text (Depcrecated)   True String
An action text for this transition
like, Open, Close. If this
is not specified, than django-river
will pick something like